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Tickle Math

ESRI Voice Demo

VOGO Voice’s new voice app ESRI Demo is live in the Alexa skill store. The ESRI Demo is our unique demonstration for ESRI that involves processing, integrating, and visualizing spatial data, and conveying information in a widely-accessible and intuitive format. The demo app is built with an aim to provide users with their location-based information …

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Tickle Math

Kids Decisions

Parents often find it overwhelming when they see their kids having a meltdown simply because they are unable to decide. A troubling issue that passes every household persuades adults to deliberate about what can be done to fix this issue. Though, there is no quick fix to solve the pressing problem at hand, educators and …

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Tickle Math

My Roads Skill

“My Roads” skill for Alexa allows drivers a hands-free way to inform road maintenance crews of potholes. Potholes are a perennial problem lurking the streets of American cities. It costs motor vehicle drivers a fortune to repair damages made to the tires, suspension, and alignment. Multiple American cities are going through a serious pothole crisis …

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Tickle Math

Tickle Math

This month, VOGO Voice launched a brand-new voice app called Tickle Math. Tickle Math is a free, curriculum-aligned, comprehensive voice app for preschoolers and kindergarteners who would love to play as well as learn math. The skill is built with an aim to teach numbers and basic mathematical functions for kids through fun elements. It’s …

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Tickle Matching

VOGO Voice, an educational, family-focused technology platform, today announced it’s new voice app Tickle Matching using Amazon Alexa. Through a combination of child-focused tools and gamified vocabulary education, Tickle Matching will engage the kids and provide parents with a resource to foster their children’s understanding of core vocabulary concepts. The two core features of the …

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Tickle Math

VOGO Voice Demo

Our new voice app VOGO Voice Demo is live in the Alexa skill store. The VOGO Voice Demo is our sample demonstration that gives you a rundown of the VOGO Voice Platform’s key features and capabilities. It’s essentially a voice experience that allows organizations to determine how leveraging the VOGO Voice platform can help them …

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Edtech Skill Challenge

VOGO Voice awarded with People’s Choice Award in the 2020 Amazon Alexa Edtech Skills challenge

VOGO Voice, today announced it has been awarded with People’s choice award in the 2020 SXSW Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills challenge. The challenge provided voice tech companies with a unique opportunity to develop cutting edge Alexa skills that address educational challenges and positively impact students, faculty, administrators, or other education stakeholders. We showcased our Alexa …

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