ESRI Voice Demo

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VOGO Voice’s new voice app ESRI Demo is live in the Alexa skill store.

The ESRI Demo is our unique demonstration for ESRI that involves processing, integrating, and visualizing spatial data, and conveying information in a widely-accessible and intuitive format. The demo app is built with an aim to provide users with their location-based information from cities and regions, by using Alexa.

The most competitive organizations understand that location data provides unique insights, revealing trends, and patterns that contribute to faster decision-making. The ESRI prototype app includes various examples of how to use spatial data by combining it with the special capabilities of a voice app. It offers our prospective clients an understanding of how a voice app like ESRI can be designed and developed that can be used to address common questions about services, events, projects, and provide local government insights. Providing authoritative data through voice apps can add more value and create an impressive online presence thereby aiding in customer retention and enhancing the client experience.

Here is how you can enable the skill on your Alexa device:
Say “Open ESRI Demo” to get started on Alexa.

By enabling the ESRI Demo skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

For more info on this demo app, please contact