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smarty pants trivia alexa skill

Skill Review: Smarty Pants Trivia

Smarty Pants Trivia by QP America is a fun-based quiz trivia game. It’s a multiplayer trivia skill where users need to be fast with their answers to score higher. The game delivers fun-filled questions for all quiz enthusiasts eliciting a sense of interest and curiosity in its users to keep learning.

skill review city bike

Skill Review: City Bike

Npci’s City Bike voice app is an initiative to connect with citizens and help them efficiently utilize the bike-share system in New York City. This Alexa skill offers its users easy access to thousands of bikes in their neighborhood – whether they’re shuttling, running errands, visiting friends, or exploring a new area. It provides real-time updates on the number of bikes available at a selected station.

Skill Review: Genius Challenge

Genius challenge is a fun and educational voice skill developed by Iguana ASD to help kids, quiz enthusiasts, and knowledge seekers test their knowledge of the world. The skill is designed for users of all ages to practice quizzes, be it in the comfort of their home or at schools or universities. What’s unique about this voice app is that it relays interesting facts about the answers with funny commentary making the quiz practice a fascinating experience for young users.

Skill Review: Word Game

Word game by Sush Productions is a player versus player (PvP) English vocab skill. It encompasses different styles of word games such as scramble, shuffle, memory, and so forth. The game sets a player with a random opponent and they compete against each other. The makers of this voice skill have put in much effort to drill concepts in an enjoyable manner. One of the most enticing factors is that it provides an opportunity for players of all ages to enrich vocabulary in different genres.

Introduction to Voice Technology

Focus group: A tool for productive Market Research

In the initial stage of ideation or product development, it is imperative to conduct market research so as to identify your consumers’ underlying preferences. Depending on the purpose of the study and the credibility of research data, one can resort to a suitable medium to collect information from prospective customers. Here comes the pivotal role of focus groups. They facilitate direct interaction with the target audience to infer consumer characteristics and identify current market trends.

Feature image- puzzle of the day

Skill Review: Puzzle of Day

Puzzle of the Day by Stoked Skills LLC is a daily crossword-style puzzle game, designed specifically for Alexa. The game is more like a traditional crossword puzzle, chiefly taking those ideas, to incorporate that design experience into a voice skill.

Skill Review: National Geographic Geo Quiz

The National Geographic Geo Quiz is a uniquely crafted quiz game app developed by de National Geographic Society. The skill is built for the geography enthusiasts who are eager to sharpen the ‘know-what’ of the world around. It aims at educating kids and adults about geography in a vibrant and engaging manner thereby providing an enhanced quizzing experience with influential facts.