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Skill Review: Weather Bug

Asking Alexa about the weather has become the new normal and that’s what the Weather bug by Weather bug is all about. Endowed with the ability to deliver current weather conditions, the voice skill intuitively furnishes weather alerts and lightning information on the go for users across the United States.

Skill Review: Knight Manager

Knight Manager is a power-packed gaming voice skill developed by Krogoor Entertainment to engage their audience with a spiking dose of fun. This one-of-a-kind Alexa gameplay revolves around the concept of transforming a weak amateur knight into an exemplary hero. The voice skill is centered on sending the knight on daily adventures and scaling up his experience as the user progresses with every interaction in the gameplay. The player is entitled ‘Knight Manager’ to manage the knight’s daily escapades and eventually transition him into a glorious hero.

Introduction to Voice Technology

Voice-enabled Ads

Voice-enabled ads are shaping up as an interesting new advertising option on mobile, with promises of helping marketers move beyond the static banner ad to take meaningful advantage of the unique features found on smartphones. What are voice-enabled ads? According to Instrematic, voice-enabled dialogue ads allow users to speak with ads, literally having an emotional conversation …

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Introduction to Voice Technology

Voice Search & Voice Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, voice technology is gaining prominence at a high speed. It is always accessible for consumers – from smartphones to digital voice assistants in our cars and homes, it is fast becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives.

Introduction to Voice Technology

Data Entry- Smarter way of data capturing

Data entry tools and technologies are changing the way businesses interact with information, both external and internal. The modern business marketplace is a data-driven environment. The role of data is to empower business leaders to make decisions based on facts, trends and statistical numbers. But with so much information out there, business leaders must be able …

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Introduction to Voice Technology

Why brands need voice technology to stay ahead

Brands need voice technology to create more personal engagement with customers and a voice strategy can improve customer experience. Enterprises are increasingly getting conscious about deploying the latest technologies to solve business problems. The stakeholders are exploring newer methodologies to retain and grow the customer base. One such technology, breaking the barriers of business communication is voice …

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Introduction to Voice Technology

Infusing voice technology into education

Infusing voice technology into education will transform the classroom learning experiences and outcomes. Choosing the right Voice EdTech solution provider is a major investment and a herculean task for any school. For primary schools this can be even harder, given the unique challenges of dealing with young learners. Voice EdTech refers to an area of technology …

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Introduction to Voice Technology

Smart Speaker Skills for Camping Activities

Recreational activities, especially camping have changed a lot with time. The final objective for every park and rec agency or a campground owner is to provide their visitors /campers with great customer experience. Voice technology, when used with a purpose, can help augment these interactions with your park visitors. A voice strategy can help campground owners in achieving that goal. Below are some reasons why you should consider creating a voice app, or as Alexa calls them, skills for them.

Introduction to Voice Technology

Interactive voice experiences through voice technology

Interactive voice experiences – it’s the ability to turn simple data inputs, into a joyful experience through a conversational design  which is unparalleled by any other interaction method. “Experience” is a tricky word. Is it the sensation you get as you unbox an Apple product or browse through the Gucci store? Voice experience is a …

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