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Parents often find it overwhelming when they see their kids having a meltdown simply because they are unable to decide. A troubling issue that passes every household persuades adults to deliberate about what can be done to fix this issue. Though, there is no quick fix to solve the pressing problem at hand, educators and parents are trying hard to help kids overcome the challenges while making a decision. As a result, parents have witnessed the emergence of different instructional modalities to improve social-emotional learning skills of their children while being caught up in the rut of making the right choices.

To adults, it might seem as nothing less of a cakewalk, but for the kid it is far daunting than what we can imagine. Parents are found to be baffled when their kids are unable to make simple choices such as choosing between a red or blue shirt to wear to school or having a peanut butter sandwich vs pizza for dinner. The skills they develop while making decisions is what matters and eventually contributes to who they ultimately become.

Most kids struggle when it comes to making respectful choices. Even adults do, so imagine the gravity of the inward tussle kids are left with when left on their own to make sensible choices. Children encounter diverse conflicting occasions, much of which are prone to happen while they are in the playground, lunchroom, hallway or just about anywhere.

The “Kids Decisions” Alexa Skill by VOGO Voice is a smart speaker skill developed on the idea of social-emotional learning and carefully designed on the 24 character strengths and the 6 virtues akin to it. Fundamentally based on an experiential approach, the Kids Decisions skill provides children aged 5-10 with diverse, real-life context-driven decision-making stories to help children become better decision makers. The skill aims at developing kids’ reflective abilities, leading them to acquire a better perception of others’ behavior alongside improving their own empathic communication in any given situation, in addition to enhancing their overall social-emotional learning abilities.

Here is how you can enable the skill on your Alexa device:

Say “Enable Kids Decisions” to get started on Alexa.

Users can retrieve details using the following commands:

Alexa, ask Kids Decisions to tell/find me a story
It provides a random story.

Alexa, ask Kids Decisions to tell/find me a story about ______.
Here you can ask about anything and we can search our wide range of stories to find the closest match.

Alexa, ask Kids Decisions what is the theme today?
Delivers the virtue of the day and gives the option to hear a story on that theme or hear a random story.

Alexa, ask Kids Decisions to tell me about (virtue)
Explains the virtue and offers the option to hear a story on that.

Formulated on a comprehensive approach that integrates affective, cognitive and behavioral dimensions, Kids Decisions aspires to inspire, augment, accelerate and be a complement to the educational structure involved in the engagement and embedding practice of SEL skills requisite for students’ healthy development.

Kids Decisions

Developed by VOGO Voice


Kids Decisions is VOGO Voice’s contribution to the educational initiatives in the community. It is a dedicated approach brought to fruition to enable as well as enhance the development of social-emotional learning skills in children falling within the age range of 5-10. Aiming at a transference of learned skills into real-life context, the “Kids Decisions” Alexa Skill has been modeled on the precept directed towards encouraging elementary kids to explore the decision making cognitive realm with a keen sense of interest. 

Rooted in the idea of social-emotional learning, the skill has the ability of drawing the child’s mind to wade through real-life context-oriented short storylines characterized by the 24 character strengths and its respective 6 virtues. The purpose here is to simulate an experiential learning experience to nurture in children an empathic sense of self and others in any given scenario. Each time the skill is invoked, the child will be introduced to a new storyline hearing after which proceeds the decision-making part.

Kids Decisions is a friendly addition to the variants of instructional modalities used for the engagement and embedding practice of SEL skills in young learners. The skill aspires to inspire kids and families as a whole and provides a scaffold to young minds who are supposedly on their own when it comes down to making a decision. VOGO Voice has delightfully chosen Ember the Dragon as the Kids Decisions emcee & mascot. To enable the skill, all you need to do is say “Alexa, enable Kids Decisions.”

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After you enable the skill, here are a few ways to get started:

Free to Enable
By enabling the Kids Decisions skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

Supported Languages
English (US)

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