VOGO Voice Demo

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Our new voice app VOGO Voice Demo is live in the Alexa skill store.

The VOGO Voice Demo is our sample demonstration that gives you a rundown of the VOGO Voice Platform’s key features and capabilities. It’s essentially a voice experience that allows organizations to determine how leveraging the VOGO Voice platform can help them add, implement, and validate new voice experiences. The demo also illustrates how our framework can be integrated with all your applications to offer your customers the best possible customer relationship experience.

Behind our voice apps is a solid voice platform that relies on a voice technology foundation that we are constantly improving with use-cases and examples. Benefit from a personalized demonstration of our platform as well as a privileged exchange moment to discuss your conversational project.

Here is how you can enable the skill on your Alexa device:
Say “Open VOGO Voice” to get started on Alexa.

By enabling the VOGO Voice Demo skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

For more information on the VOGO Voice demo skill please contact marketing@vogovoice.com.