Skill Review

trivia crack

Skill Review: Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a voice skill developed by Etermax. It is a trivia-based game where the players are expected to answer trivia questions from a range of different topics and categories. This single-player/multiplayer game has a cheerful and friendly mascot, Wiley to lead the users creatively. The players can start the game with Alexa or play along with a friend or a family member, where they can take turns to answer the questions from different subjects and categories. The categories include art, geography, entertainment, sports, science, and history.

math mountain

Skill Review: Math Mountain

‘Math Mountain’ is a fun and educational skill developed by Seaside Voice Apps to help kids test their elementary Math knowledge. It’s a math game that will help to hone your kid’s mathematical skills while also entertaining them.

skill review animal letters

Skill Review: Animal Letters

Drew Cosgrove’s Animal Letters is an educational voice app for young kids to learn about animals and their sounds. It’s an app that makes learning fun and interesting. The skill aims to teach kids animal names, some interesting animal facts, and also helps them be familiar with the English Alphabet.

skill review: quiz of the day

Skill Review: Quiz of the Day

Quiz of the day is a fun and simple quiz game experience by William James Development. The skill is both entertaining and engaging. It asks you multiple choice questions, each with 4 choices and you keep going until you see how well you do. It features a bunch of questions across a variety of topics such as history, geography, current affairs, music, and so on.

Skill Review: Animal Game

Animal Game developed by Azalea labs is an exciting, funny, and interesting guess-the-animal game with Alexa. Specially curated for kids of all ages, this interactive voice skill is the classic 20 questions game where you can think of an animal and Alexa asks simple questions to elicit details and narrow down the animal possibilities to guess it right.

Skill Review: Cursed Painting

Cursed Painting by Wanderword is a RPG (role playing) voice skill game. It puts together the best aspects of tabletop games, audio books and an open world exploration to create a vivid, vibrant, and an immersive experience. The quest in this voice skill is to locate the ancient ruins and to discover the mystery of a cursed painting that is deep inside a ruined castle.

Skill Review: Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a mind-boggling, interactive skill from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. This trivia skill has been designed to engage the show’s fans with the popular game Heads Up! that Ellen DeGeneres plays with her celebrity guests. The skill follows the same principle as on the show for its followers to have some quick fun.

Skill Review: Thinking Cap Math

Thinking Math Cap is a fun and educational voice skill developed by Thinking Cap to help kids test their elementary math knowledge. The skill has been specially designed for children to practice K4 math be it at home or in the classroom. What’s interesting about this voice app is the amusing element interwoven into it which makes math practice fun for kids. Encouraging little ones to keep learning more seems to be the motto of the skill. The voice app has been curated in such a way that it keeps kids engaged as they learn with ease the varied math concepts including addition, subtraction and counting all of which are suited to their level of understanding.

official harry potter quiz

Skill Review: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Who wants to Be a Millionaire is a uniquely crafted trivia game developed by Sony Pictures Television. This voice skill has been designed to pep up the spirits and ravish not just the Millionaire fans but also quiz enthusiasts in general. Delighting its fans, being at the very heart of this skill, it offers players the chance to move up in the worldwide weekly rankings as well. The Millionaire quiz game with its signature bing bang simulates the show participation experience thereby causing an exhilarating moment for the players, irrespective of being in a group or alone while trying out the skill. Emulating the hot seat effect, the voice skill offers the opportunity to climb up the money tree, from $500 to $1,000,000.