Aarti Vijay


Skill Review: Allrecipes

Allrecipes is a must-try Alexa skill for cooking enthusiasts who are on the constant endeavor to upgrade their culinary skills. Developed by the well-acclaimed recipe provider, Allrecipes, this interactive cooking manual makes at-home cooking seamless and efficient. The innovative use of voice guidance facilitates a hands-free experience by sparing you the hassle of tapping your phones now and then to look up recipes and expert tips. Assuming the role of a sous chef, the skill trains you to make impressive dishes of your choice at your pace and convenience.

Language teacher

Skill Review: Language Teacher

Language Teacher by Kiwiana is an Alexa skill specifically designed to enhance the multilingual capabilities of a user who is aspiring to become a polyglot. In an advanced and interconnected world, proficiency in multiple languages gives you a competitive advantage over your monolingual peers. Equally commendable are the perks you gain when traveling to a foreign country with a basic knowledge of their local language. Aiming to serve linguaphiles, this voice app trains you to bolster your command over 7 different languages – Russian, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish.


Skill Review: Mixologist

‘Mixologist’ by Luis Sala is a true-to-style bartending skill that equips the cocktail-loving community to step into the shoes of a bartender in the comfort of their homes. Mastering the art of mixology is not something everyone can get their hands at. It demands talent and precision to mix the right amount of ingredients and whip up the cocktail concoction of your choice. The skill keeps justice to its name by relaying detailed recipes of more than a thousand fine cocktails, thereby helping users become pro-mixologists to fix a palate-pleasing drink.

Finish the Phrase

Skill Review: Finish the Phrase

Finish the phrase developed by Alexa Architects is a fun yet educative game to familiarize yourself with the popular sayings in English, thereby prepping you to converse like a native speaker. The skill covers a variety of expressions like idioms, slogans, epithets, puns, proverbs, axioms, and much more; a package that will help users progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels in communication. Adeptly guiding learners through 5 questions per day, the skill manages to motivate literature enthusiasts as well to brush up their knowledge of using adages.

Math Facts - Math Practice for Kids

Skill Review: Math Facts – Math Practice for Kids

‘Math Facts – Math Practice for Kids’ is an edu-entertainment voice app developed by AWzone to instill in kids the zest for learning basic arithmetic operations. Often, children feel intimidated when introduced to numbers at an early age and this if not addressed suitably can affect their foundation in mathematics. The voice app can be proposed as a solution to help kids hone their math skills in a fun and entertaining way. It is a supplementary learning aid that offers unlimited practice questions on the principal mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: Add Variables Component

“Add Variables” is a data component implemented to store values or temporary data within a custom interaction model. This component is persistent only during the session and is put to use to bring up the values assigned to it only until the termination of the interaction.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: CARTO

Familiarise yourself with the working of the CARTO connector instance in the CARTO Near Me tutorial to procure the count of proximal populated cities based on the location of a voice-assisted device.

Feature Friday: Save Settings Component

The Save Settings component when configured becomes a permanent placeholder to capture and store the user input values. The values saved via this persistent component can be accessed at any stage within or beyond a session during the course of interaction with the custom skill.

VOGO Voice Feature Friday

Feature Friday: Check Variable

The “Check Variable” component offers support for providing if/else decisions based on a single condition. It allows for many comparisons including exist, less than, equal to, and many others. This is a core feature for any branching choices or when certain input was not provided.

faeture friday pubnub

Feature Friday: PubNub

PubNub is a highly reliable and scalable global data stream network that offers real-time infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to enable live communication. Explore this programmable network developed on a Publish/Subscribe model which makes real-time data streaming possible via features like chat, collaboration, Internet of Things (IoT) applications and real-time updates.