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Science buddy blog

Skill Review: Science Buddy

Science Buddy is an interactive voice application developed by Neil Chowdhury to help kids learn about science. The making of this fun trivia game was inspired by the National Science Bowl, an academic competition run by the U.S Department of Energy. The skill also garnered the title of finalist in the 2018 Alexa Skills Challenge for kids and also won the Bonus Prize in the category of Best Skill by High School Students aged 13-18 in the US/Canada.

poppy's elf training_blog

Skill Review: Poppy’s Elf Training

Poppy’s Elf Training is a highly interactive educational voice app developed by John Callahan to suit the interests of 5-8-year-olds. To render a magical effect, the creator of this voice skill has imparted an impeccable blend of music, sound effects, and character voices with a touch of finesse. Chosen as the finalist of the 2018 Alexa Challenges: Kids competition, this skill attempts to create a great educational experience for kids.


Skill Review: Translated

Translated is a smart, interactive translation voice app developed by Translated Labs. This simple, yet interesting voice skill has been specially curated to give users exclusive access to professional translation technology. Featured as “one of the most fun and useful skills available” for Alexa devices by New York Times, the skill attempts to translate short sentences from English into 37 languages.


Skill Review: Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a highly interactive tutoring skill developed by Pimsleur to offer a hands-free language learning adventure for its inquisitive learners. Designed with a scholastic feature, the voice skill attempts to aid learners to master the languages fast and easily. The skill offers over 50 most popular foreign languages to choose from and master them like a near-native speaker to appeal to its users. The makers of this voice app claim that with its lessons users can learn and understand a new language of their choice in under 30 minutes owing to its scientifically proven methods.


Skill Review: The Washington Post

Alexa turns into a newscaster with this news briefing skill titled The Washington Post developed by Washington Post Company. The voice skill has been designed to relay audio updates to the citizenry. This informational voice app that delivers top-of-the-hour news and alerts seems eager to satisfy anyone who is on the go and keen to keep up with current events.

Mighty trivia_blog

Skill Review: Mighty Trivia

Mighty Trivia is an interactive guessing game for kids developed by Steven Bowden. This child-centered game has been crafted such that even grown-ups too can enjoy themselves by answering some fun trivia questions. What’s more, to grip the interests of both kids and adults alike, the app’s scoring is based on the speed at which the answer is guessed correctly.

the vortex

Skill Review: The Vortex

The Vortex is an immersive sci-fi space adventure game specially designed by Doppio Games. With a rare and exciting plot, the makers of this voice app attempt to take gaming to the next level. The interesting mix of an engaging voice game with its mysteriously attractive storyline endows the skill with a richer gaming experience.

Skill Review: Washington Traveler

Washington Traveler voice app has been specially crafted by independent to furnish updates on the Washington ferry schedule by routes across its various terminals. The uniquely designed voice skill provides travel alerts of several sailings each day for the benefit of ferry travelers and commuters. The voice app furnishes the exact travel-related data that is already made accessible for passengers via the Washington State Department of Transportation website.

wayne investigation_

Skill Review: The Wayne Investigation

The Wayne Investigation is a uniquely woven mystery game developed by Warner Bros. The game is centered on the murder investigation of Bruce Wayne’s parents. The skill attempts to grip its users to listen to the storyline and make decisions based on what they hear. It presents users with objects as clues to take the investigation forward. Interestingly, the skill engages the users to speak with characters to ferret out crucial information on who may have killed Wayne’s parents.

park university

Skill Review: Park University

Park University is an interactive academic-oriented voice skill developed by Park University for the benefit of its students. This innovatively woven Alexa voice app has been designed to boost student interaction and productivity at Park University. It almost simulates a smart buddy feel for the students on campus. The voice app was developed to help personalize the student experience both off and on campus.