Skill Review

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Language teacher

Skill Review: Language Teacher

Language Teacher by Kiwiana is an Alexa skill specifically designed to enhance the multilingual capabilities of a user who is aspiring to become a polyglot. In an advanced and interconnected world, proficiency in multiple languages gives you a competitive advantage over your monolingual peers. Equally commendable are the perks you gain when traveling to a foreign country with a basic knowledge of their local language. Aiming to serve linguaphiles, this voice app trains you to bolster your command over 7 different languages – Russian, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish.

categories game

Skill Review: Categories Game

Developed by Verto Labs, the Categories game on Alexa is a quick-paced and highly engaging word game. Following a guided gameplay, Alexa rolls a random letter and asks the player to come up with words beginning with it, in six different categories. What truly ups the ante and the thrill, is the scoring system. If you answer correctly, your score is decided by deducting the number of seconds before you say the answer, from 50. If you cannot answer for a letter in a category, the score in that category for that round is zero.


Skill Review: Mixologist

‘Mixologist’ by Luis Sala is a true-to-style bartending skill that equips the cocktail-loving community to step into the shoes of a bartender in the comfort of their homes. Mastering the art of mixology is not something everyone can get their hands at. It demands talent and precision to mix the right amount of ingredients and whip up the cocktail concoction of your choice. The skill keeps justice to its name by relaying detailed recipes of more than a thousand fine cocktails, thereby helping users become pro-mixologists to fix a palate-pleasing drink.


Skill Review: Starfinder

Starfinder by Paizo is an interactive multi-part RPG set in a futuristic extraterrestrial setting. It begins with appointing heroes to analyze a dubious ship that emerges on the Absalom station. Created by Amazon in collaboration with Paizo, the skill boasts a star-studded cast like Nathan Fillion, Laura Bailey, and 13 other artists voicing its characters.

Dark Citadel

Skill Review: Dark Citadel

“The kingdom of Alderton is under attack, and you are the only one who can save it!”
This is the central premise that the Alexa skill ‘Dark Citadel’ is based on. Developed by LC Publishing, the episodic game follows a CYOA format and unravels divergent storylines based on the player’s choices. Author and web developer Lincoln Cole made sure to deliver a highly elaborate and intense voice gaming experience by adding over 1000 unique sound effects, 23 chapters, and all standard elements of an RPG to the mix. Be ready to be tossed into a labyrinth of branching paths full of mystical creatures, monsters, and of course, Dungeons.

Finish the Phrase

Skill Review: Finish the Phrase

Finish the phrase developed by Alexa Architects is a fun yet educative game to familiarize yourself with the popular sayings in English, thereby prepping you to converse like a native speaker. The skill covers a variety of expressions like idioms, slogans, epithets, puns, proverbs, axioms, and much more; a package that will help users progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels in communication. Adeptly guiding learners through 5 questions per day, the skill manages to motivate literature enthusiasts as well to brush up their knowledge of using adages.

Math Facts - Math Practice for Kids

Skill Review: Math Facts – Math Practice for Kids

‘Math Facts – Math Practice for Kids’ is an edu-entertainment voice app developed by AWzone to instill in kids the zest for learning basic arithmetic operations. Often, children feel intimidated when introduced to numbers at an early age and this if not addressed suitably can affect their foundation in mathematics. The voice app can be proposed as a solution to help kids hone their math skills in a fun and entertaining way. It is a supplementary learning aid that offers unlimited practice questions on the principal mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Multiplication Quiz

Skill Review: Multiplication Quiz

The Multiplication Quiz developed by Joe Mirmina is crafted with the simple idea to help kids learn one of the basic math functions. With this skill, Alexa in the guise of a tutor ushers kids into the enticing world of numbers to practice multiplication. Most often kids don’t get the opportunity to overcome the challenges they face while learning maths. Yet this voice app seems tuned to the learning interests of kids by rendering it a fun-oriented game format. The motivating aspect of the skill is that it lets kids practice and perfect their fundamental multiplication skills.

Science Studio

Skill Review: Science Studio

Science Studio by Bayer is an innovative, educational voice app that has been developed by Ruder Finn to help kids enhance their knowledge of science-related concepts. The Alexa voice skill seems to be uniquely designed to aid avid learners to gain factual know-how through experiments and foster in them a scientific way of thinking. Curated specifically for kids, the voice app attempts to create in them a love for learning science and understanding its relevance in the natural world.

Skill Review: Skyrim Very Special Edition

Skyrim Very Special Edition is an Alexa-driven adventure game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. This special edition skill emulates the bygone text-based role-playing computer game from the late 1970s and early 80s. It is an equivalent version of Skyrim that presents users with the hand-picked opportunity to step into the illusory world and take the rightful place of Dragonborn of legend.