Storytime through Alexa

Storytime through Alexa

Turn any time into Storytime through Alexa. It’s going to transform your child’s bedtime story routine.Children have an innate love of stories. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Stories teach them about life, about ourselves and about others. It’s a unique way for kids to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures, and can promote a positive attitude towards people from different lands, races, and religions.

Storytime and Alexa

Bedtime is an enchanting time for kids. A moment between parent and kid where they can feel safe and experience the most exciting adventure- all just by listening to a story. But what if we could increase the magic of this moment, and at the same time stimulate the imagination of kids? What if we could do this by using just one simple smart speaker?

Deep diving into a world of Interactive Story books

With voice assistants being so embedded in our daily lives, children are beginning to emerge as a separate segment of users, and will undoubtedly continue adopting the technology at a high rate.

Voice apps provide a great way to expand a child’s development in areas of listening, imagination, critical thinking, and more. In addition to serving an educational purpose, they’re also fun and easy to use. A recent NPR report states that 57% of smart speaker owners bought the speaker to entertain children, and 88% say their kids enjoy Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa.

From games to music, homework help, or jokes — it like kids and smart speakers are always in sync.

Why Storytime through Alexa?

Storytelling plays a crucial role in a child’s overall development. Whether it is as simple as talking about your childhood or sharing a funny story about your day, storytelling offers several advantages to children. 

Incredible benefits of  having Storytime through Alexa for kids

  • Ingrains virtues
    Kids are fearless with technology. Young kids love listening to stories. Smart speakers say them stories with characters whose values they can emulate or stories with meaningful messages. This inculcates valuable lessons in children and helps them learn about kindness, wisdom, honesty, compassion and more.Kids would love to listen stories through Alexa again and again.
  • Boost their listening skills
    Kids are fearless with technology. Young kids love listening to stories. Smart speakers say them stories with characters whose values they can emulate or stories with meaningful messages. This inculcates valuable lessons in children and helps them learn about kindness, wisdom, honesty, compassion and more.
  • Storytime through Alexa fosters their imaginative capabilities
    The best-selling author of The Harry Potter series, JK Rowling has rightly quoted, “Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation.” Storytime through Alexa (i.e.)when a smart speaker narrates a story, the child visualizes it in his little mind, thus excelling in imagination. It makes them imagine the characters, the plot, the setting, etc. It’s way different from watching something on a screen. Alexa encourages children’s imagination to run wild as the story unfolds. They can imagine the story however they want it to look like in their heads. It can even enhance their creativity and make them open to new ideas.
  • Increases their cultural understanding
    Telling stories opens the eyes of young kids to new things – places, culture, traditions. It makes them imagine being in the place of the story’s characters which develops their empathy as they try to comprehend their actions.
  • Enhances their curiosity, exploration & communication skills
    Smart speakers allow children to increase their ability to express themselves. It encourages them to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas. It inspires the kids to ask questions or discuss their thoughts. Kids will have a broader vocabulary as they pick up new words through this storytelling activity. Kids are sensitive to emotions. So, when smart speakers narrate a story, it adds a bit of drama. During a Storytime through Alexa, a proper voice modulation by Alexa (i.e. increasing, lowering it or pausing for a second) while narrating a story automatically engages the young listeners and makes them eager to listen carefully.
  • Helps sharpen memory
    Storytime through Alexa is an excellent way to sharpen your child’s memory. When Alexa reads them a story, you can do a review or ask them to recall some of the details. Ask them questions and see how much information they have retained. Thus, smart speakers are a mind-broadening tool that can help your kid in academics as well as in personal life. Always choose the right story with good moral values to instill them in your kid.
  • Makes learning easier through interactions
    With Alexa at home, kids are exercising their creativity and exploring the possibilities of voice commands through various skills. It is a stepping stone for future academic learning. It’s a good way to prepare them for school because it makes learning easier and natural.
  • Improves social skills
    Through Alexa's storytime, children learn how to pay attention and listen actively to the person talking. They learn to be more patient as they listen to others speak. It also opens their eyes to other people’s thoughts and understanding of how each and every person’s opinion vary.
Wrapping up, kids and voice technology: an educational combination

Storytime through Alexa can teach young kids so many things about the world and life. It gives them plenty of opportunities to learn wonderful ideas and things they have never encountered before. A new voice app called My Story Time (Google Action) lets parents record stories for their kids to play on-demand. My Storytime is designed to use the voice assistant to recreate the experience of a parent reading to a child when they are away.

Benefits for kids include making life easier, enabling new learning experiences through voice technology, and reducing clutter. The downside includes concerns about privacy.

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