Skill Review: Common Knowledge



VOGO Voice RATING                                    5/5

Voice First                                                                  5/5
Display Friendly                                                        5/5
Performance/Ease of Use                                       5/5
Accuracy/Data Quality                                             5/5
Value Proposition                                                     5/5
common knowledge


Common Knowledge is an electrifying, interactive skill developed by Game Show Network. This Alexa skill has been whipped up to treat the ardent fans of Game Show Network’s popular knowledge-based quiz program, “Common Knowledge”. The thrilling voice app is all about testing participants’ knowledge on practical, everyday questions everyone should know about. The exciting range of fun categories like Good Eats, Survival, Etiquette, and much more have been woven into the skill to incite interest in players and treat them with a variegated platter of questions.

The gameplay is designed such that it enables users to play alone or with friends or family anytime and anywhere; all they need is an Alexa device. With this voice skill, players get to experience the buzz of excitement almost as if they were on the show for real. The voice app also aims to upskill users on practical knowledge with a commendable stock of useful tips and substantiated facts. With the comfort of the app, players can play a new game every day as well as enhance their common knowledge which is sure to come in handy in their daily walk of life. Some of the interesting categories worth mentioning are first aid, sports, household hacks, history, animals, etc. The voice that guides the players through the game belongs to none other than the celebrity host Joey Fatone. The First round features 4 common knowledge questions from four different categories, and while being quizzed users are free to pick their category. Two other highlights worth mentioning are how well the conversations are guided throughout the skill as well as the assistance users can get hold of from the efficient help section. Besides, users need to get four to five questions correctly to make it to the bonus round, and to add to it they can resume the game from where they had left off. To win the game all three questions in the bonus segment need to be answered correctly. Moreover, to aid players to get to the bonus round, the skill allows players to purchase game perks namely, hints, skips, or saves for credits. Well, that being said, there seems to be a single downside that could let down the player at times which is spending a handful of credits to progress further in the game.

The VOGO Voice team scores this skill 5 out of 5 stars based on our rating system. Yet, you’ll have to try for yourself and see if it is a truly engaging voice app that will entertain your wits with its unstoppable fun and common knowledge. So why not try out the skill and see if it offers the incredibly amusing experience you had anticipated.


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