How to Boost Student Performance through Smart Speakers

Student Performance

How  can you boost student performance through smart speakers? 

The student performance could be boosted in 2 ways: 

  • By a blended learning approach. 
  • By leveraging teaching excellence.

Today’s generation needs everything technologically driven. Times have changed and the teaching methods have evolved with time. The Smart Education system has initiated multi-dimensional changes in the realm of education. From collaborative educational platforms to using smart voice skills, everything has changed for the better. 

Integrating a smart education system

A new generation of smart schools is rising that consists of various intelligent education systems. They aim to increase the capabilities of next-generation students by visualizing techniques that play a crucial role in the teaching and learning cycle.

Smart education has included audio-visual learning as a part of their teaching strategies. Interactive learning systems, when unified with the voice-based services, can provide a great cognitive learning environment for the students to boost student performance. According to statistics, smart skill-based interactions also increase the student’s curiosity and inquisitiveness to learn new things. When adaptive learning programs are combined with smart education, learning becomes a fun-packed experience for the students.

According to a recent study, the usage of smart speaker skills is surging with time. Smart skills are mostly used in smart homes but it ranks higher in education as well. This study highlights the importance of education and reference that contributes to 15% of the smart speaker skills.

Need for voice-based services in education 

Most educational institutions are integrating with smart assistants to provide an interactive learning platform for students. In the US, Alexa has become an integral part of the classroom atmosphere to gain a deep understanding of voice-based intelligence. Alexa has been reinventing the teaching-learning methodology to deliver some of the most comprehensive content to enhance and augment the student’s interest so that they can retain what they learn for longer periods. The digital advancements in education are constantly aiming to ease the process of learning and invent ways to capture the creativity of young minds.

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How to boost student performance through smart speakers?

Here are some examples of Smart speaker integration with education applications that educators can leverage to improve student and teacher performances:

Finding information on any subject

Voice-activated assistants are effective learning aids for students who are generally struggling with their homework. Just through simple voice commands, students will be able to perform simple calculations, get quick references for any subject, or find facts about the text he or she is reading. Additionally, smart speakers can also help in computations with math and science problems beyond simple addition and subtraction — it can tackle complex equations. Just say, “Alexa, what’s 1/8 times 2/9?” and it gives the right answer. Enabling skills like Smart Math can sharpen a student’s math knowledge.

Managing class schedules

Here are some examples of what teachers can do with the help of a digital assistant in their classroom:

  • Using voice assistants to aid and automate the process for routine tasks, including calendar planning and scheduling
  • Build alarms to pause and begin a particular classroom activity
  • Provide additional opportunities for differently-abled students via smart speakers
  • Quizzing students on a topic
  •  Add meetings to Google Calendar directly through a voice user interface

Smart assistants will also help students in keeping track of their appointments for any extracurricular classes. It advises students to brace themselves thoroughly for any kind of situation, such as avoiding traffic delays by beginning their journey a little early or avoiding the bad weather.

Forming an inclusive environment

Smart assistants will assist in building a creative study environment for students and teachers. This inclusive environment can be created with the help of smart speakers to boost student performance. For example, Alexa could play a white background sound to assist students in increasing their level of concentration.

Intentionally, a smart educational system adopts reformed educational management practices to foster and encourage change in the school environment. With this, they prepare their students for a digital future. A combination of training and learning approaches are included to ensure mastery over basic competencies and to augment a holistic student development. 

Helping educators to integrate multiple LMS

Teachers can integrate intelligent voice assistants with learning management systems such as Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle and other smart apps to obtain information related to schools. Both Blackboard Learn and Canvas have Amazon Alexa skill integrations that provide basic course information such as announcements, assignments, and grades. The teachers can access assignments that need grading and even create voice interactive assignments for students. 

These intelligent assistants have special inbuilt capabilities and features that can be easily integrated into any teaching software to augment its purposes. One example is Alexa‘s decision tree template function. It generates the voice commands that assists in voice-based directions/guidance to help in telling stories and allowing students to exercise their choices. Story teaching skills has a tremendous impact on students in molding their character and behavioral traits by developing a consistent interaction in the classroom atmosphere. 

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Assists in improving language skill or builds on a vocabulary list

A smart skill can improve a student’s language efficiency by giving a speech or spelling support. Let’s say the student is preparing for an assignment and comes across a word they aren’t sure about. They can simply ask the smart speaker for a definition, such as “ Alexa, what does preposterous mean?” and Alexa would help with this using her smart dictionary.

When a student is exposed to a new language, the voice assistants become a perfect assistant to help them with language acquisition. The harmonious blending of the teaching methodology with the efficiency of the skill will enhance their linguistic ability. 

Not only in STEM, but these intelligent assistants can also help the students in learning Arts subjects such as History and Civics by pulling the essential information when asked for a reference. This makes the whole studying process more fun and also simpler where the students could associate information to the context like maps or images of a place.

Educational games

Smart speakers can read audiobooks from different sources, including Kindle. When they are facilitated with interesting educational games, the learning process becomes highly personalized. Voice-enabled assistants are the new wave of revolution in the educational portal. These are some of the features that a student or teacher can make use of when using Alexa or Google’s assistant. As voice technology evolves, new features will be added to these voice capabilities.

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