Voice Apps for Education

By John Thompson      Operations Manager at VOGO Voice

The increasing uptake of smart speakers in US households has significantly transformed consumer life and more people have started leveraging voice assistants for advanced capabilities outside the domestic sphere. With this rapid change in consumer expectations, organizations are exploring the prospects of incorporating voice technology for operational benefits and service delivery efficiencies. The innovative capabilities of this robust technology has prompted EdTech companies and academic publishers to capitalize on suitable voice solutions to support education and learning. But often they are confused by the overwhelming thoughts on the ease of voice app integration and its application prospects in the education sector.The question to be addressed here is “How can it be used as an educational tool to improve student experience and create an effective teaching strategy?”

Implementing a customized voice app has the potential to impact higher education by promoting a student-centred learning approach that allows flexibility in time, place and pace of learning. It also redefines their campus life experience by facilitating strong campus engagement through increased accessibility of campus resources. Instructional methods can be modified as it equips educators to monitor every student’s learning progress and make data-driven decisions to address their learning needs. The benefits are extended to children’s education by creating a fun-filled voice interactive learning environment to sharpen their linguistic and cognitive skills.

In this webinar, join John Thompson, Operations Manager at VOGO Voice, for an in-depth analysis of how EdTech companies and Publishers can impact education by implementing a suitable voice strategy into their digital solution infrastructure. It will also help you identify the multiple avenues of its application prospects benefiting educators, students and parents.

What you learn:

  • A brief introduction to our multi-tenant platform showcasing our exclusive services.
  • How voice technology acts as a promising tool for higher education.
  • What are the application prospects of your voice app for educators?
  • Benefits of implementing voice apps for kids’ learning focusing on language acquisition process.
  • Voice-related innovations in the publishing industry to reinforce learning.

A pdf of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.

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