Skill Review: Animal Letters



VOGO Voice RATING                                   4/5

Voice First                                                                  4/5
Display Friendly                                                        4/5
Performance/Ease of Use                                       4/5
Accuracy/Data Quality                                             4/5
Value Proposition                                                     4/5
animal letters


Drew Cosgrove’s Animal Letters is an educational voice app for young kids to learn about animals and their sounds. It’s an app that makes learning fun and interesting. The skill aims to teach kids animal names, some interesting animal facts, and also helps them be familiar with the English Alphabet.

Kids love animals and this educational app is all about it. The game is kickstarted when Alexa picks a letter of her choice and the kids take turns with Alexa to guess animal names beginning with the selected letter. This app comes with more than 150 sounds of animals, and an engaging leader board which sparks their interest to play. The leader board is updated in real-time so that the users can always keep track of their performance and highest score. To have a more gripping scoring system, champion kids who move up the ladder are accorded with badges such as ‘Bronze Zoologist’, ‘Silver Zoologist’, ‘Gold Zoologist’, and ‘Platinum ‘Zoologist’ depending on how many correct answers they can give in a row. The challenging part of the game is that kids will have to keep guessing animal names starting with the same letter picked by Alexa and it goes on until they can’t think of an answer. If they don’t know the answer, Alexa wins the game but at the same time, she will give suggestions of animal names they could have said to beat her in the session. The skill also offers the provision for kids to select the letter of their choice to play with. All they need to say is “Alexa, Play Letter E” or any other letter they would like to choose. The addition of respective animal sounds when the correct answer is given is a highlight of this skill as it not only introduces kids to a wide variety of animals but also their sounds. The only downside that made to the list is the persistent repetition of the same message in the absence of any reply from the user’s end.

The VOGO Voice team scores this skill a 4 out of 5-stars based on our rating system. Yet, you’ll have to try for yourself and see if it is truly enjoyable with the unique experience you had anticipated.


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