A Smarter Voice Assistant In Civic Space

How government can connect with modern citizens?

Today’s smart cities are geared toward helping citizens improve their quality of life and increase sustainability through data-backed, technology-driven initiatives.

Commercial organizations understand the importance of digital to their business. Smartphones, voice assistants and cloud technologies are ubiquitous to the daily lives of modern citizens and their success. Consumers demand user experiences that are digital by design, mobile-first, and highly personalized to address their particular needs. The government is no different. The more digital engagement becomes ingrained in modern culture, the more important it becomes for the government to meet the expectations of citizens accustomed to immediate, responsive access through digital tools. It’s time for the government to catch up. To reach today’s hyper-connected citizens, agencies need to adopt the same mindset. They must embrace innovative platforms and modern tools to deliver appealing, innovative services while also offering parallel solutions to those lacking digital access.
You’ve given your citizens a variety of communication channels to reach you for requests, inquiries, and ideas. But how do you efficiently respond and track requests that are sent via phone, email, walk-in, and tweet? We have your solution.We allow local governments to:

  • Funnel all citizen requests
  • Convert citizen inquiries into trackable, department-specific service requests with automated follow-ups
  • Respond to the citizen via a single interface
  • Identify trends and areas of need through actionable reports

The structure of this paper is designed to offer insights into the world of Smart Assistants and how this futuristic technology offers solutions to various problems of smart governance. Download this whitepaper to learn how the right technology, combined with the right approach will help you in this regard.

Whitepaper on Smarter Voice Assistant In Civic Space