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Platform Partners

Companies that are looking to expand into the voice space without needing to develop, build, host and maintain a platform can shortcut to be able to become a partner in your region.  We offer various solutions and business models based on the market space in your county.  We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

Pacific Spatial Solutions


German Apps

Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg

Wir suchen derzeit nach einem Partner, der Sprachanwendungen und -fähigkeiten in Ihrer Region verkaufen möchte.

Spanish Apps

Mexico, Spain

Actualmente estamos buscando un socio que esté interesado en vender aplicaciones y habilidades de voz en su región.

French Apps

Nous recherchons actuellement un partenaire intéressé à vendre des applications et des compétences vocales dans sa région.

United Kingdom Apps

We are currently looking for a partner who is interested in selling applications and voice skills in their region.

India Apps

We are currently looking for a partner who is interested in selling applications and voice skills in their region.

Italian Apps

Attualmente stiamo cercando un partner che sia interessato a vendere applicazioni e competenze vocali nella propria regione.

Integration Partners

VOGO Voice’s Data Partner Program offers a focused service for our integration partners by analyzing their industry standards, goals, and data challenges to propose a beneficial voice-driven solution. Our platform facilitates seamless database integration, to leverage the advanced capabilities of voice apps suiting the data needs of your valued customers. We collaborate with our integration partners in building a cutting-edge voice app to equip their users with the privilege to query, analyze, and share information in a more meaningful way.


The unique capabilities of voice-enabled applications when integrated with data open doors to greater visibility, accessibility, and availability of information to its end-users. Integrating authoritative data with the ability of voice-activated technology can add more value to the scope of business intelligence as well as help organizations make better data-driven decisions. Using the power of voice, it’s easier to manage and manipulate data to gain greater and actionable insights. Revamp your existing infrastructure through our partnership to integrate your data engines and services with our platform to cause an impactful increase in data consumption. We are here to magnify the vision of clients’ communities and enrich their service to its customer base.

With our full-service solution, you as an integration partner will only have little risk of expanding your services. While focusing on your priorities and managing business-as-usual, we will be able to augment your service offering with a voice-driven data solution that integrates directly into your product.