Feature Friday: Drive Dynamic Content with Saved & Incoming Value

VOGO’s easy to deploy platform allows prototyping and publishing both Alexa and Google actions. Through the assembly and configuration of the key components on the interaction builder platform, you now have the opportunity to design and customize voice solutions with the right quotient of features to create an immersive experience for the end-users. Take a tour of our tutorials and guides to get started!

View our “Drive Dynamic Content with Saved & Incoming Value” examples and guides.
  • GUIDE: Take an in depth look at the elementary proceedings involved while configuring a Save Settings Component within the VOGO interaction builder platform. All the more, familiarizing yourself with our user-friendly guide on the Anatomy of “Save Settings” and its Configuration will help you easily understand its relevance and functionality while building a tailored flow.
  • TUTORIAL: Gain practical hands-on experience with our interactive tutorial on “Saved value vs Incoming value”. Learn how to configure the requisite color-coded components within our highly sustainable VOGO platform to realize the distinguishing features of both saved value and incoming value while designing a custom interaction model.

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