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Designed and delivered on our pioneering end-to-end voice platform, the VOGO Voice demo app gives you a complete overview of the core features and capabilities of the VOGO Voice Platform. It gives a walkthrough of the key platform features such as news, events, FAQs, notifications, data integration, and analytics. This demo is essentially a voice experience with pre-packaged interactions that will help businesses determine how leveraging the VOGO Voice platform will help in building a reliable and customer-fit voice app. By highlighting its extensive features with use-cases and examples, we intuitively open doors to deeper customer engagements and help them make informed decisions.

What are the key features we showcase via this demo app?

News – Through the news feature we aim at connecting voice tech to your community by keeping them updated on the latest news items by integrating custom news feeds tailored to your needs and interests.

Events – It enables your users to stay up to date with upcoming events. By fetching a list of events with details through voice commands, they will be updated on what’s happening in their local neighborhood to ensure increased participation.

FAQ – Your voice app can act as a round-the-clock customer service executive, providing immediate answers to the commonly asked questions of your business and also help you attain better visibility in the competitive landscape.

Notifications – With this feature, you can push voice message notifications to your users whenever relevant, such as sending a reminder for the due date of a task or when your product update is due.

Data Integration – We facilitate linking your database to the voice app to suit the data needs of your valued customers and to improve the operational efficiency of your workforce. We equip you with seamless data integration for your users to query and access information about your business be it of any form.

Analytics – Our Insights metrics help to inspect and monitor the performance of your voice app to validate customer experience. By tracking the analytics regularly, you can discover bottlenecks, and identify the most commonly used features of your voice app and work to improve its functionality.

All you need to do to enable the skill is to say “Alexa, enable VOGO Voice.”

Free to Enable

By enabling the VOGO Voice skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

Supported Languages
English (US)

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