VOGO Voice

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VOGO Voice is a uniquely designed skill that offers a voice-assisted tour of the VOGO Voice platform, its exclusive features, the ready-built connectors it offers, use case examples of connectors and the varied, key components which comprise the interaction builder platform. The versatile platform is capable of building and deploying voice skills for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Designed to deliver essential information about the distinctive capabilities of the VOGO platform, the VOGO Voice skill is a must-visit for users who are keenly interested in creating a customized voice skill with no coding. The guided tour is aimed at introducing skill designers on how to access and configure the components, while providing separate interactions demonstrating the connectors available on our platform.

The skill also provides insight for novices and businesses on the potential use case of using the VOGO Voice platform to curate voice apps for the purpose of data entry. Some of the other remarkables features it extends makes it possible for users to learn how to create news articles within the platform, how to effortlessly connect to their website’s data using RSS as well as tap into the alternative to update users with events through direct edits or integration with your calendar and also how to provide the end-users of your voice skill with the option to subscribe to notifications; provision for which has been made to appear on the Alexa and Google platforms as waiting messages. All you need to do to enable the skill is say “Alexa, enable VOGO Voice.”

After you enable the skill, here are a few ways to get started:

Free to Enable

By enabling the VOGO Voice skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

Supported Languages
English (US)

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