Parts of Speech

Developed by VOGO Voice


After the award-winning skill Kids Decisions and Tickle series, VOGO Voice proudly presents yet another game-based educational voice app for its inquisitive users – Parts of Speech. This engaging gameplay has been crafted with insightful observations from standard ESL lessons to influence the learning of English grammar word classes. In effect, it has been designed to aid kindergarteners to fifth-graders independently practice the traditional eight parts of speech central to the English Language. Curated with focused conversations, this interactive game is suitable for kids and adults alike.

Parts of Speech skill’s scholastic feature has been carefully developed to impart essential understanding for ESL learners. The skill adopts three levels of difficulty that increase across Easy, Medium, and Hard. The different levels are defined to quiz with sets, each of which comprises 5 questions. Having set forth a gaming experience, the user is eligible to earn a point for every correct answer. To offer positive reinforcement and help learners appreciate error correction, specially curated explanations for wrong answers have been incorporated.

To enable kids aged 5-11 to easily navigate the skill, it’s backed with a simple but efficient Help option. Users can use commands such as “reset game” to erase points and start afresh; “change level” to smoothly switch between levels, and say “skip” to pass on a question. The Parts of Speech voice app has been favorably created to appeal to all age groups be it to brush up or enhance knowledge of major word classes. 

All you need to do to enable the skill is say “Alexa, enable Parts of Speech.”

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