Mastering Plural Nouns

Developed by VOGO Voice


VOGO Voice’s latest release, Mastering Plural Nouns is an Alexa-powered ESL game that is both educative and engaging. This edifying gameplay is basically about aiding users to make more sense of how to change nouns from singular to plural. Equipping learners with a supportive framework backed by a range of easy-to-remember rules is one of the underlying ideas deeply rooted in the distinct creation of this voice skill. 

A straightforward game with no bifurcated levels, Mastering Plural Nouns is well suited for learners of differing learning interests and needs. What intensifies its scholastic capability is the additional feature that every word and its options are vividly spelled. Owing to this, learners stand an advantage to easily identify the difference in spelling, garner points to the extent possible while making the most of what the skill has to offer. The skill delivers 3 questions in each set where learners are updated on the break up of scores at the end of each set with the total scores relayed at the close of each session. 

No matter if the answer is right or wrong, the skill briefly but thoroughly updates learners on the relevant, specific rule behind the pluralization of nouns they are quizzed on; to extend reinforcement learning. With every correct answer, users earn a point, and none if wrongly answered. The Help section presents the essential know-how on how to enjoy the game’s capabilities. Also, learners can freely attain a walkthrough on pluralizing nouns and acquire tips to play better by just saying “Tell me about plurals”. To navigate through, learners are endowed with commands such as “repeat” to have Alexa say the question again, “skip” to pass on a question, and  “reset” to erase points and start from scratch. The Alexa skill also offers unlimited gameplay to boost love for learning and impart grammatical knowledge on forming plural nouns to further encourage its dedicated learners across all age groups. All you need to do to enable the skill is say “Alexa, enable Mastering Plural Nouns.”

After you enable the skill, here’s how you get started

Supported Languages

English (US)

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