VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: Building Skills with Visitor Counter

VOGO Voice shares a uniquely flexible and configurable platform that allows prototyping and publishing both Alexa and Google actions. Through the assembly and configuration of the key components on the interaction builder platform, the Skill Designer implements the input and logical conditions the user experiences during an active session of a custom skill.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: ArcGIS

ArcGIS, an integrated server-based GIS is hosted and managed by Esri to aid in analyzing and visualizing the compiled geographic data by leveraging its integrated tools to facilitate mapping and spatial reasoning.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: Add Variables Component

“Add Variables” is a data component implemented to store values or temporary data within a custom interaction model. This component is persistent only during the session and is put to use to bring up the values assigned to it only until the termination of the interaction.

VOGO Voice Feature friday

Feature Friday: CARTO

Familiarise yourself with the working of the CARTO connector instance in the CARTO Near Me tutorial to procure the count of proximal populated cities based on the location of a voice-assisted device.

Feature Friday: Save Settings Component

The Save Settings component when configured becomes a permanent placeholder to capture and store the user input values. The values saved via this persistent component can be accessed at any stage within or beyond a session during the course of interaction with the custom skill.