Bike Share

Developed by VOGO Voice


VOGO Voice brings you the much-awaited Bike Share skill exclusively designed for you to receive up-to-date stats on the nearest bike share stations along with the availability of bikes and docks. You can even acquire details of its availability in any of the available 70 cities across the United States. Cycling is taken up for a handful of reasons: to commute, as a hobby, to nurture a love of cycling or simply because you want to go green. 

No matter what your use case is, VOGO Voice has crafted the Bike Share skill that will go that extra mile for you. By enabling the skill, you can switch from your mobile web app to a voice app that will do many similar things. That’s right, you can ask about availability before you leave your house to know if bikes will be available, and if it is full it will check other nearby stations and recommend alternative stations.

Not only would you be able to see, hear and gather information about the availability of bikes and docks near you, but also gather up-to-date stats on your chances to get a ride. What’s more exciting is that you can set your favorite bike stations limited to a choice of three which can be set under the categories Home/Work/My Station. With the Bike share skill, VOGO Voice assures cycling aesthetics a richer experience. All you need to do to enable the skill is say “Alexa, enable Bike Share.”

After you enable the skill, here are a few ways to get started:

Free to Enable

By enabling the Bike Share skill, it can be accessed on all your Alexa devices.

Supported Languages
English (US)

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